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The Beta Switch


The revolutionary fat loss program designed by famous fitness trainer and model Sue Heintze.

This program has helped hundreds & thousands of women all across the globe.

If you are serious about your weight loss & fitness goals then you have to take actions.

Give ‘The Beta Switch’ a try with full confidence because you are backed with 60 days money back guarantee!

The Beta Switch
I am Lisa, a 25 year old girl striving through my monotonous 9 to 5 pm life. Every day I have a pattern of things that leave me tired and having absolutely no time for my own self.

Being in the corporate industry, my outlook means a lot! Over the past 1 and a half year I have been struggling with the worst fear of my life: Weight Gain!

I’ve gained 21 lbs in the past 24 months and it had recently started taking toll on me when my colleagues were raving about my chubby cheeks every now and then, I wasn’t fitting in to my favorite pair of jeans, my adult acne got triggered!

My confidence level hit rock bottom and I almost lost my job. Until, The Beta Switch came to my rescue!

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I am so grateful to have found this amazing fitness plan, this fitness plan completely transformed my life and I am doing way more better than before, both in terms of personal and social life.

If you’re also a young adult like me who’s constantly juggling between losing stubborn fat and staying fit then this is your best shot at achieving complete fitness.

You should most certainly do yourself a favor and get right into this.

The Beta Switch, as the name indicates, revolves around a natural switch of adenoreceptors in the body that signals the release and burning of fat from the most eccentric and stubborn parts of the female body that are overlooked otherwise.

It does not involve extensive exercise and deprivation diets! You can lose weight by eating everything and anything at all.

My modelling career has really flown through since I have adopted The Beta Switch weight loss system. I am more confident and definitely prettier than before! Highly recommend this.
Isabella Lawson


Want To Burn Stubborn Fat?

The Beta Switch Can Help You, But You Have To Make a Decission & Take Action Like Isabella ! ! !

About Author

Sue Heintze, Women’s Weight loss Author and Body Transformation Expert, is a mother and the founder of The Beta Switch Weight Loss Program. She is the winner of Australia’s figure competition at the age of 40 years.

She has the honor of training thousands of women figure contestants and most of them made it to victory.

She is an avid weight loss researcher and has multiple targeted weight loss programs like 5 days Tummy Tuck, Body Image Report and Mind over Matter to her credit.

Sue Heintze has spent years in the weight loss industry and has discovered the most effective and safest possible way of getting rid of the body’s way of regulating the fat loss mechanism at the cellular level via adenoreceptors.

Her work is inspired by her moving childhood experiences of negative body image and shaming along with low confidence levels.


How Does It Work?


The Beta Switch exists at the cellular level in the form of 2 adenoreceptors. These receptors are “alpha” and “beta”.

Beta burns the fat and Alpha is the anti-burn fat receptor. These receptors exist naturally in our bodies.

They only need to be regulated in a way so that these beta receptors are “switched ON” and their fat burning properties are automatically put into action.

Beta receptors are well researched and known to burn the most stubborn fats at the thigh and hip areas.

These receptors are triggered with the help of certain kinds of food intake.

A thorough 3 phase, 12 week guide to the fastest and safest system of losing fat requires no fad dieting, starving and extensive exercise.

It shows quick results and burn the fat from the toughest spots.

The Beta Switch is a thorough system which aware, guide and put you to action!

The Beta Switch Reviews

Lets Talk About Pros and Cons


  • Natural process
  • No depriving fad diets
  • No extensive workout involved
  • 12 weeks, Safe, effective and visible results
  • Burns fat from stubborn areas of thighs, hips, waist and more
  • No rebound gain as opposed to a conventional diet
  • No potions, pills and creams involved
  • All ages and professions appropriate
  • Boosts self-confidence and uplifts positive imaging


  • This program is only available in digital format.
  • The Theory sounds complicated.
  • Need to buy some food indegridents.
  • Requires home based or gym workouts.

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The Beta Switch 

I came across The Beta Switch on the internet, and tried it just very randomly. Little did I know that it will become my savior! 12 weeks down and the results have come through. My body is certainly beech ready for the upcoming summers.


You Can Lose Weight This Year

Emma have lost the weight, You can too!!! Just Try The Beta Switch !!!

What will you get and what type of results to expect?



The Beta Switch works in the form of 3 phases with a total duration of 12 weeks. It involves a complete list of Do’s and Don’ts of switching on the Beta receptors and turning the Alpha receptors off to burn the unnecessary fat.

This system involves no dieting, rather consists of a list of fruits, vegetables, proteins, desserts that you can binge on.

It has a short 2 min pre-workout which does all the trick of burning more fat and is more effective than any lengthy workouts!

By the end of this 12 weeks program, the fat in your most unapproachable areas of the body will be reduced and you’d have a complete sense of healthy well-being.

It’s a no re-gain weight system. Completely natural and highly effective.

Money Back Guarantee!

The Beta Switch Weight loss System comes with a triple guarantee. It is guaranteed to be a natural, scientifically proven safe way of weight loss driven by body’s own natural switch for beta fat burning receptors specially designed for women.

It visibly reduces fat from the stubborn body parts. A super women 24/7 customer care service. This system comes with a 100% money back guarantee also.

My colleagues have started calling me a timeless beauty. The system has worked wonders for my 50 year old being. My friends & family cannot stop complementing me & I genuinely enjoy it! Very satisfied with the results.
Sophia Web

Sales Rep

I had heard about this system from a friend who had tried it. I took it and could’ve never been happier with my choice. I had started seeing visible results after 6 weeks. My thighs were slimmer and I definitely felt fit.
Annie White


From 207 to 174.8lbs, it has been a mind blowing transformation journey! The results started coming through mid-way of the 12 weeks program. My thighs and hips were visibly less and I could finally fit in my favorite jeans!
Olivia Mayson

Fashion Designer


The Beta Switch is a complete body transformation system which is designed and aligned well with the women and is backed by thorough scientific research.

It involves the accentuation of the natural receptors at the molecular level, hence it does not involve any side effects.

It allows the women to lose weight at their optimum without having to go through any tough diets, messed up metabolic systems and extensive workouts!

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